Vintage Turquoise gemstones in SOLID COPPER, 2" DIAMETER PIN Brooch. Metaphysically, TURQUOISE is highly protective and was used as a talisman for Kings, Warriors and shaman.It is calming, refreshing and wise. It brings good luck, love and joy. Like quartz, it is highly programmable. It will raise your energy vibrations while you are setting specific intentions. Turquoise will attune you to all that is spiritual. It strongly resonates with both the third eye and the throat chakra making it a very powerful high energy stone for those wishing to access psychic information, past lives, clairaudience & clairvoyance abilities, and channeling via automatic writing.*Our JEWELRY IS VINTAGE Jewelry in AS FOUND CONDITION - EXPECT mild to heavy TARNISHING / Patina** Please ZOOM all pictures​ for detail​*

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Vintage Turquoise And Copper Brooch Pin, Artisan Handcrafted Jewelry