Small dendritic agate old stock bowl perfect for your energy work, altar work, meditation or reiki room. weighing 26 grams and measuring 2.10" wide and .9" tall.-

excellent size to tuck away on a window sill. Metaphysically, DENDRITIC AGATE: KNOWN AS THE STONE OF PLENITUDE, SAID TO: BRING ABUNDANCE TO ALL AREAS OF LIFE - INCLUDING BUSINESS, STABILIZE THE AURA, ENHANCE SELF CONFIDENCE AND BRING PEACE TO YOUR ENVIRONMENT AGATE: stabilizes the aura, transmutes negative energy into positive energy, a powerful cleansing effect on the physical & emotional levels. Balances the emotional physical & intellect. Soothes & calms, self acceptance, self confidence, improves concentration & perception, heals inner anger, links one to their higher consciousness & awareness of the oneness of life, spiritual growth, inner stability.


Translucent Dendritic Agate Gemstone Bowl. Abundance, Peace, Good Luck