Hand carved, hand polished, all natural Stone bowl. Gorgeous Blue onyx Devotional Bowl / dish in deep rich blue, with bands of Medium Angel Blue and pale blue.
SIZE: 2.9" WIDE, 1" TALL, 36 GRAMS

Metaphysically, This has a very soft and incredibly soothing energy.
Excellent for written intentions and prayer request as well as charging small tumbled stones and jewelry.
Spiritual / Metaphysical properties of BLUE ONYX: Gives one strength and helps one live their destiny and learn their life lessons so negative repeating patterns end once and for all; supports one during times of enormous stress; alleviates sorrow, fear, worries and the like aiding one to emotional balance. Associated with the throat chakra. a VERY SOOTHING stone.

Tranquil Blue Chalcedony Banded Onyx Gemstone Bowl Live Your Destiny, Life Path