Purple and gold titanium aura quartz cluster.


Spiritual properties of Rainbow Titanium aura: Also known as Flame Aura or Titanium Quartz is made by bonding gold and titanium to natural quartz. This crystal is a master healer, amplifying and magnifying energy and stimulating the endocrine system and immune system. Brings energy to the chakras and physical body, clearing an unfettered path for kundalini life force energy. This aura stone helps one develop the abilities to read auras and the subtle bodies of another. Excellent for work with opening yourself up to clairvoyance and clairsentience. It also helps one heal from abusive relationships, grief and to help cut karmic ties. Gold: Harmonizing, purifying and grounding. A symbol of abundance, illumination, power and spiritual enlightenment. Gold amplifies intentions, positive thoughts and feelings. Titanium: Acts as a catalyst

Titanium Aura Violet Rainbow Quartz Crystal Cluster Crystals, Stones:

Color: Multi
  • Purple Titanium