RUTILATED QUARTZ, FREE FORM DENDRITIC AGATE, FACETED OVAL GREEN CHALCEDONY SILVER PENDANT, 2 INCH LONG ENTIRELY. STAMPED .925 STERLING SILVER LORE: RUTILATED Quartz: Illuminates the soul, promotes spiritual growth, cleanses the aura, said to aid in channeling & astral travel, encourages contact with the highest spiritual guidance, makes ne aware of their lifes lessons & plan in their current life. DENDRITIC AGATE: KNOWN AS THE STONE OF PLENTITUDE, SAID TO: BRING ABUNDANCE TO ALL AREAS OF LIFE - INCLUDING BUSINESS, STABILIZE THE AURA, ENHANCE SELF CONFIDENCE AND BRING PEACE TO YOUR ENVIRONMENT. . Chalcedony: said to be a creative stone, makes one optimistic, promotes good will, harmonizes the mind body emotions & spirit, dissipates negativity & emotions.

Rutilated Quartz, Dendritic Agate, Chalcedony Pendant, 925 Silver

Color: Multi