Gorgeous red jasper gemstone altar bowl. An amazing crystal healing stone addition for meditation, reiki, spiritual work, crystal grids, devotional offerings, altar work. Metaphysical uses: ROOT CHAKRA - KUNDALINI - AURA HEALING - PROTECTION - DREAM RECALL - BALANCE - CREATIVITY. Spiritual properties of RED JASPER: aids in dream recall when kept next to bed, vitality, strength, increased life force, strengthens the root chakra / kundalini energy, aids in creativity, rectifying unjust circumstances, referred to as "The Mother of all Stones" ALL JASPER: the supreme nurturer, protects against negativity, balances, stabilizes the aura. 

SIZE: 2 inches wide and 1 inch tall.
WEIGHT: 36 grams/ 1.26 ounces.


Red Jasper Gemstone Bowl, Raise Kundalini, Manifestation Vessel, Dream Recall