All natural lightbrary abundance citrine point from Congo with rainbows. Rare raw Lwena / Luena Citrine Abundance Kundalini Quartz - Natural Untreated Cathedral Lightbrary Cluster - To Raise kundalini and bring Prosperity Wealth Abundance. Kundalini quartz citrine is believed to be the ONLY natural Citrine and it ranges in color from pale honey, to golden, to a smoky brown. It is found only in Congo.Metaphysically speaking, *ABUNDANCE KUNDALINI QUARTZ draws energy up from the root chakra and the earth star chakra, which is the seat of our soul. Kundalini activation can be intense so proceed with caution. Excellent stone for new beginnings; for those who are stuck and wish to move forward on their spiritual path and transform areas in their life which are stagnant.
2.25 inch, 46 grams.
Metaphysically, Kundalini Abundance Citrine shows us our Divine gifts and abilities, facilitates a swift energy shift into wealth, prosperity & abundance, particularly spiritual abundance. A VERY POWERFUL Manifesting crystal!

***To use these powerful crystals for manifesting and/or a protective shield of light, hold the crystal in your right hand while encircling an object, a person, a written intention, prayer, your home, etc... A very powerful energy field is believed to radiate using this method.
Metaphysical properties: *LIGHTBRARIES / CATHEDRALS are "LIBRARIES of LIGHT" and my personal favorite HIGH ENERGY crystals that are full of ancient wisdom, pure love, happiness and joy! These crystals ARE PURE LOVE and carries the highest, purest Energies of Atlantis and Lemuria making it excellent for healing on ALL levels. They will Raise your vibration to the highest level allowing you to access the Spiritual and Angelic Realms. An excellent choice for deep meditation and Loving, protected trance channeling & psychic mediumship abilities. Facilitates travel to the Hall of Records / Akashic Records. Each crystal contains an abundance of Universal Wisdom and Divine golden white light, Illuminating ones personal PATH and opening the necessary doors to walk that path. These bring us through Life Transitions with courage and an abundance of Spiritual blessings.
*CITRINE is a: powerful cleanser & re-generator, absorbs & transmutes negative energies, opens one to intuition by opening the crown chakra, A stone of abundance, it teaches one how to manifest wealth, success and all that is good., brings joy. cleanses & strengthens channels for manifesting, purifies ones personal will allowing them to align with their own divine plan

Raw Natural Rainbow Kundalini Quartz Congo Citrine Abundance Lightbrary Crystal