Very Rare vintage gemstone bowl with metallic luster tenorite aka Melaconite ; dark red-brown copper rich cuprite aka covellite ; and chrysocolla.METAPHYSICALLY Speaking, Chrysocolla : brings one into harmony and tranquility; powerfully calming and peaceful; enhances meditation, quickly bringing one to a deeper state; purifies (a person, place or thing); cleanses and calms all the chakras.TENORITE aka Melaconite: Very grounding, drawing healing energies from the earth. Helps one understand and then release fears; gently stimulates kundalini;CUPRITE aka COVELLITE: a red to brown mineral with high copper content. It is associated with willpower and security, reducing ones worries. Opens the root chakra stimulating kundalini; helps to deliver spiritual messages; aids in past life work
SIZE: approx. 3" wide  x  1.1  inch tall
WEIGHT: 98 grams

Rare 3" Tenorite Chrysocolla BOWL Cuprite COVELLITE Melaconite Karma Clearing