FANCY JASPER round gemstone bowl : RAINBOW aka FANCY JASPER. This one has lots of Lavender Plum. Metaphysically, it brings Well-being and tranquility; alleviates fear and guilt; brings strong healing energies to a person, place or situation. BROWN dissolves fear. PURPLE / PLUM JASPER: helps one focus; .spiritual wisdom; excellent for working with dieties / archangels. RED: gives one insight into even the most difficult situations, grounds energy, calms emotions, excellent for those who worry, cleans the aura, stimulates the root chakra, aids in dream recall when kept next to bed, rectifies unjust circumstances..vitality, strength, increased life force, strengthens the root chakra / kundalini energy, aids in creativity, rectifying unjust circumstances, referred to as The Mother of all Stones GREEN: removes energy blocks, clears, balances chakras; banishes ghosts and evil thoughts; increases fertility; ARCHANGEL RAPHAEL energy. BLUE: Courage; Anti-stress; helps one control their thoughts; a stone of fertility YELLOW /MUSTARD: Endurance; perseverance; transmits earth energies making this ideal for those with few green spaces outdoors; eases chronic worry ALL JASPER: known as 'the supreme nuturer' bringing tranquility in times of stress, absorbs negative energies , cleanses the aura, brings courage & determination, stimulates the imagination so you can get clarity to transform your ideas into action.

3 1/8 inch wide X 1 1/4 inch tall. 

Rainbow Jasper Gemstone Bowl Archangel Healing Energy Transmitter