Love pendant!  PREHNITE CABOCHON 16X22MM OVAL, ROSE QUARTZ CABOCHON 13.23MM PEAR SHAPED.  2.3" long entirely.

Spiritual properties: PREHNITE: a stone of unconditional love. Meditating with this crystal allows you to access the universal energy. It is said to connect one to the archangel Raphael. It seals the auric field with a protective shield, Helps one restore their faith in divine manifestation.

Rose Quartz is said to be:*the stone of unconditional love.*the finest emotional healer*a strong love attractor *comforting during grief after loss of a relationship*a teacher of self love, self forgiveness,, self acceptance. It also draws off negative energy, reduces tension &stress, enhances positive visualizations & affirmations when held.  

**Our Jewelry is VINTAGE Jewelry - expect mild to heavy tarnishing​​​​** 

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Vintage Prehnite And Rose Quartz Sterling Pendant BOHO Silver Jewelry