1 3/4 LONG AND 3/4' WIDE OVERALL. STONE ITSELF IS 7/8 X 1/2 WIDE PIPE BAIL OPENING IS 1/4 LORE--- RHODOCHROSITE: SAID TO BE: the stone of unconditional love & compassion, it expands awareness and mixes the spiritual with the material, gives one a positive outlook & attitude, excellent for relationships & those that feel unloved, helps one attract love, helps to show one ongoing patterns that should be avoided in relationships instead of coming up with excuses for unacceptable behavior, gently brings repressed feeling to the surface so they can be acknowledged and released. It enhances creativity and dream states, it is uplifting and brings one a sense of lightness to their life

Pink Rhodochrosite Pipe Pendant .925 Silver Artisan Crafted

color: Multi