Charging bowl, Sparkling, mesmerizing Goldstone
SIZE: approx. 1.75", 23 grams
TONS OF MEDITATIVE SPARKLE in this bowl. Hard to capture in photo's
Metaphysically, it is A Fantastic piece for intentions as it amplifies energy because of the quartz it is made from. Like a diamond, goldstone deflects negative energies and is a highly protective. It is believed goldstone will help one attain their desires.
Goldstone is known as the Stone of Ambition, it is believed Goldstone will help one attain their goals. It has a calming effect and stabilizes the emotions; it is an energy generator that rejuvenates one’s energy field and also brings confidence, courage, a happy outlook. This also carries the properties of copper including attracting abundance and harmony and opening ones creativity

Mini Copper Goldstone Gemstone Bowl Abundance Soul Rejuvenation Meditation Tool