STUNNING! GENUINE LAVENDER PURPLE CHAROITE, MOSS AGATE CABOCHON STONES, 3" LONG , 1/1/8 WIDE. Vintage piece, has not been cleaned. Metaphysical / Spiritual Properties - CHAROITE: stone of the soul,transformation, stimulates spiritual insight and vision, helps one to cope during times of extreme change, cleanses the aura, stimultes unconditional love, links one to the higher realms and allows things to be put into perspective, opens the crown chakra aiding one in past life recall and karmic issues. MOSS AGATE:Moss Agate is a wealth stone that is said to attract abundance, it refreshes ones soul, is strongly connected with nature,aids in intuition. stability, grounding, endurance, persistence, magnification of intent, achievement.

3" Charoite Moss Agate Sterling Silver Pendant New Beginnings, Handmade Jewelry

Color: Multi