Very elegant ! Black and White Zebra JASPER, PERIDOT Gemstones in 100% SOLID .925 STERLING SILVER. Pendant, 2.75" Long entirely. 15 grams. Metaphysically, ZEBRA JASPER is a root chakra stone that is very grounding. It is an excellent choice for those with scattered energies as it helps pull those energies together so they can be put to the best use. It brings optimism during times of stress. Being a strong grounding stone it helps one make your dreams a reality; excellent motivation stone.~BLACK JASPER is a strong protection stone and a master stabilizer. It will lend support through times of turmoil.It cleanses negativity and brings good luck .It will connect one to their higher vibrations and ground you to the earth making black jasper a fabulous stone for manifestation work.It helps one remove the things in their life that no longer work for them ; helps to cut karmic ties.~WHITE JASPER is a joyful stone that will lift ones spirits.It is a stone of joy, stability and Divine protection.It brings hope and courage during life transitions. Excellent for new beginnings

2.75" Long Black Zebra Jasper Pendant Sterling Silver, Protection, Manifestation

Color: Multi