Large clear quartz encoded Lemurian Cathedral crystal with 2 Isis faces - one is a RARE 1/2 raised Isis face (flush on one side, raised on the other) with tiny sparkle shimmer on the lower half, also rainbows, glyphs, imprint starbrary markings, good clarity and a very high frequency vibration. This will stand but is shaky. 
Metaphysically, this crystal will raise your vibration super-fast but no faster than you can handle. It is a link to 5th dimension consciousness; bringing lucid daily life filled with constant synchronicity. It will bring a peaceful and complete awareness of every moment; an awareness that you didn't know was even possible to attain. Once you begin working with this crystal, your psychic channels will open to Universal knowledge; you will also be able to feel energies of people and surroundings, possibly seeing auras everywhere. Your mood will lighten and your heart will fill with joy. 

WEIGHT: 1.18 pounds
SIZE: 5.5" tall, 2.8" x 2" wide

Metaphysical: LIGHTBRARIES / CATHEDRALS are "LIBRARIES of LIGHT" and my personal favorite HIGH ENERGY crystals that are full of ancient wisdom, pure love, happiness and joy! These crystals ARE PURE LOVE and carries the highest, purest Energies of Atlantis and Lemuria making it excellent for healing on ALL levels.
They will Raise your vibration to the highest level allowing you to access the Spiritual and Angelic Realms.
An excellent choice for deep meditation and Loving, protected trance channeling & psychic mediumship abilities.
Facilitates travel to the Hall of Records / Akashic Records.
Each crystal contains an abundance of Universal Wisdom and Divine white light, Illuminating ones personal PATH and opening the necessary doors to walk that path.
These bring us through Life Transitions with courage and an abundance of Spiritual blessings.

disclaimer- Alternative healing is meant to be used in harmony with, NOT in place of, professional medical treatment. ALWAYS consult a licensed medical doctor / physician regarding ALL health issues, or a licensed attorney / professional for legal issues, or an appropriate licensed professional for any other issues. * Our products are tools for Lightworkers, Crystal healers, Reiki practitioners and those on their Metaphysical &/or spiritual path . By purchasing this product you are stating you understand that : I/ We / This shop does not, in any way, imply OR guarantee any outcomes.

Large Encoded Lemurian RARE Raised Isis Face 5th Dimension frequency Crystal

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