Amazing bands and swirls of calming green and purifying white onyx / sardonyx activated crystal skull. Metaphysically, he is a sweet, happy, positive energy transmitter with intense calming ability allowing for deep relaxation and the opening of the crown and soul star chakras. He opens and clears channels to the spiritual realm as well as removes blocks to allow the manifestation of goals. 
Metaphysically, Green Sardonyx invites good fortune, luck and prosperity into one's life. It brings peace and purity wherever it is placed. It promotes fertility, abundance and growth of all kinds. 
Green Onyx is a heart chakra stone that brings calmness, peace and serenity during times of stress. It also transmits strong energies of abundance, spiritual growth and material wealth.
WHITE ONYX: excellent for meditation and contacting the Spirit world; opens the crown and soul star chakras allowing for the flow of Divine healing light; a stone of purification, it will clear one's aura, environment and mind from negativity and sadness.

SIZE: 5.1"
WEIGHT: 3 pounds
COLORs: Soft greens, Divine whites
Pictures taken in full sunlight


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Large BANDED Green SardOnyx Skull, Onyx Skull Luck Peace Opens Psychic Channels