Ancient energy AMMONITE FOSSIL AMMOLITE bowl with besutifl flash on the opalzed areas. Ammolite is the 'opalized' coating that formed over the ammonite fossil and is made up primarily of Aragonite.
Ammonite fossils have a spiral known in math as the ‘golden mean spiral’ which represents a Fibonacci sequence of sacred numbers . This sacred spiral form is found everywhere in our world - just look at our own galaxy! Its ancient energies in spiral form is believed to act as a master catalyst for our personal awakening. METAPHYSICAL Properties:*AMMONITE FOSSIL - Awakens us Spiritually, Aids in opening us to the BIG Picture; helping us remember our past, present and future - from the beginning of creation- allowing us to realize our current incarnation's lessons and goals.Excellent for activating kundalini;Facilitates full awakening of our DNA;When placed in the home, it is believed to attract health, success of all kinds and prosperity;Draws off negative and dense energies, filters them, and spirals out positive, loving, fresh energy*CALCITE: said to: cleanse negative energy & remove stagnant energy, open psychic ability, bring serenity, calm the mind.

SIZE: 4.75" X 3.75"
COLOR: Earth tones, flases of reds, golds, greens


Large Ancient Ammolite Gemstone Bowl Ammonite Fossil Opalized Aragonite