A shimmering and flashy mystical Norwegian Moonstone crystal skull. Loaded with blue flash and silver shimmer

SIZE: approx. 5" long

WEIGHT: 2.9 pounds

Metaphysically, BLACK MOONSTONE is said to bring an increase in finances allowing you to feel more secure and confident; Excellent to use for psychic protection during metaphysical work; When bought into your home, it will help ground the energies and bring a feeling of well-being. ALL moonstone is connected to intuition, fertility, visions, and the Divine feminine. Moonstone is a stone of NEW BEGINNINGS - EASY TRANSITIONS - LUCID DREAMING - CLAIRVOYANCE - INTUITION - ENERGY AMPLIFIER - PROTECTION - TO HELP YOUR VIBRATIONS. MOONSTONE is strongly connected to the moon & intuition, encourages lucid dreaming, said to enhance psychic abilities & clairvoyance, balances emotions, brings serenity. LARVIKITE / NORWEGIAN MOONSTONE is a stone of success, wealth and abundance of all kinds; its energies support your success in all endeavors. It is also an excellent stone for opening psychic channels - stimulating the third eye chakra and supplies strong psychic protection. It has strong earth energies that will keep you firmly grounded during astral travel/ psychic work.


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Large Activated Black Rainbow Moonstone Crystal Skull Blue Flash Silver Shimmer