Teardrop Jasper & black Onyx, Oval Prehnite cabochon stones, 2.25 INCH LONG ENTIRELY. STAMPED .925 STERLING LORE: ALL JASPER: the supreme nurturer, protects against negativity, balances, stabilizes the aura, brings tranquility, ONYX: gives one strength and support during times of severe stress, centers and aligns your energy with the higher realms allowing one to access guidance, allows one to see the future and become the master of their destiny, aids in past life work, balances yin & yang, helps one feel at ease. PREHNITE: a stone of unconditional love. Meditating with this crystal allows you to access the universal energy. It is said to connect one to the archangel Raphael. It seals the auric field with a protective shield, Helps one restore their faith in divine manifestation

Jasper, Prehnite, Black Onyx Silver Multi-gemstone Pendant

color: Multi