This is for ONE (1) Gemstone Bowl picked by us from the selection shown. Dramatic Leopard Skin Jasper AKA the Shaman stone or Jaguar stone. Size: 2 - 2.25 . Artisan handcrafted and polished. Metaphysical uses: a stone of shamanic journeying, spirit contact, Out of Body experiences, Spiritual growth. An amazing crystal healing stone addition for meditation, reiki, spiritual work, crystal grids, devotional offerings, energy generator, altar work and more. Metaphysical / Spiritual properties of: Leopardskin Jasper, AKA Jaguar Stone: *is a powerful protector, *is connected with Shamanism, * *connects one with the animal kingdom, * Aids Out of body journeying. *It brings harmonious energy into chaotic situations / life *Attracts circumstances to aid in Spiritual growth. (altar offering bowl, devotional bowl, charging bowl, manifesting bowl, intentions bowl, energy cleansing, crystal bowl, gemstone bowl, spellwork, magick, reiki, energy healing, meditation, spiritual gifts, metaphysical gifts) #shed

Gemstone Bowl Leopard Skin Jasper Metaphysical Crystal Healing

  • Brown, Tan, Cream,