Genuine Bloodstone Gemstone bowl is handcrafted and hand polished. Stunning pattern on this piece! 3" Wide dark RED and GREEN BLOODSTONE BOWL...

SIZE: 3 X 1.25 tall 56 grams (DKRED4bx4) =============

:Spiritual / Metaphysical properties of --- BLOODSTONE: MAGICK - MYSTICAL - PROTECTION - PROSPERITY - LEGAL ISSUES - GROUNDING - KUNDALINI... said to have mystical & magical properties, to be a powerful protector & grounding stone, reduce stress and impatience, revitalize love, bring prosperity, helps insomnia. Excellent for those going through lawsuits / legal issues, aiding in a positive outcome.

3" Red Bloodstone Jasper Gemstone Bowl - Prosperity, Raise Kundalini

Color: Multi
  • RED, Green