Dalmatian Jasper Gemstone Bowl. The BLACK Spots are actually BLACK TOURMALINE ..

SIZE: 3 wide x 1 1/2 tall

WEIGHT: 72.8 grams. spot13-bx11

Metaphysical Properties of: DALMATIAN JASPER: mental clarity, focus, psychic protection. *A Top choice for astral travel * Excellent stone for those trying to quit smoking. *Allows one to move forward in life by releasing past wrongs. * Facilitates Animal communication and Healing

Spiritual Properties: Jasper: known as 'the supreme nuturer' bringing tranquility in times of stress, absorbs negative energies , cleanses the aura, brings courage & determination, stimulates the imagination so you can get clarity to transform your ideas into action

BLACK TOURMALINE: is said to be a master protection and grounding stone. Dalmation stone is also said to absorb and transmute negativity due to the presence of black tourmaline.

Gemstone Bowls Dalmatian Jasper Metaphysical Gemstone Altar Bowl

Color: Multi