Dramatic rich colors of brick reds, creams, tans and black hematite! This listing is for ONE (1) small 2" gemstone bowl.


SIZE: SMALL, Approx. 2" and perfect for a small altar, to hold during meditation or to tuck away on the window sill. === Metaphysically speaking, Poppy Jasper is a stone of JOY, cheerfulness and vitality. Encourages one to think 'outside the box' and expands ones creativity. Brecciated Jasper (contains Hematite) has very strong grounding energies; helps one attain emotional stability; very rejuvenating; gives one self-confidence; creative inspiration. RED JASPER: aids in dream recall when kept next to bed, vitality, strength, increased life force, strengthens the root chakra / kundalini energy, aids in creativity, rectifying unjust circumstances, referred to as'The Mother of all stones'. ALL JASPER: the supreme nurturer, protects against negativity, balances, stabilizes the aura

Crystal Healing Meditation Brecciated Poppy Jasper Gemstone Bowl

  • Red,black,cream,tan,brown, ivory,white