All Natural Congo citrine crystal, smoky citrine, kundalini quartz crystal, abundance lightbrary, 36 grams and 2 inches long. Metaphysically, Abundance Citrine shows us our Divine gifts and abilities, facilitates a swift energy shift into wealth, prosperity & abundance, particularly spiritual abundance. To use these powerful crystals for manifesting and/or a protective shield of light, hold the crystal in your right hand while encircling an object, a person, a written intention, prayer, your home, etc... A very powerful energy field is believed to radiate using this method. (DARK3079-b11)
CITRINE is a very powerful cleanser & regenerator, absorbs & transmutes negative energies, opens one to intuition by opening the crown chakra, A stone of abundance, it teaches one how to manifest wealth, success and all that is good., brings joy. cleanses & strengthens channels for manifesting, purifies ones personal will allowing them to align with their own divine plan

Congo Smoky Citrine Kundalini Quartz Abundance Crystal Prosperity Manifestation