Vintage gemstone pendant featuring pink rhodochrosite and flashing labradorite gemstones. 2 inch LONG ENTIRELY. STAMPED .925 STERLING SILVER/ 

**Our JEWELRY IS VINTAGE Jewelry in AS FOUND CONDITION - EXPECT mild to heavy TARNISHING / Patina** Please ZOOM all pictures​ for detail​**

Metaphysical Spiritual properties: RHODOCHROSITE: LORE:
the stone of unconditional love & compassion, it expands awareness and mixes the spiritual with the material, gives one a positive outlook & attitude, excellent for relationships & those that feel unloved, helps one attract love, helps to show one ongoing patterns that should be avoided in relationships instead of coming up with excuses for unacceptable behavior, gently brings repressed feeling to the surface so they can be acknowledged and released. It enhances creativity and dream states, it is uplifting and brings one a sense of lightness to their life.  LABRADORITE: Highly protective and mystical, connects one with the universal energies, raises consciousness, gives one esoteric knowledge, enhances intuition, psychic abilities and brings messages at the right time

Chic Rhodochrosite & Flashy Labradorite Silver Pendant