Wide rhodochrosite and rhodonite bracelet, pull on stretch bracelet. Very smooth and comfortable! Boho jewelry, gypsy jewelry, hippie jewelry, trendy jewelry, one of a kind jewelry, handcrafted jewelry. Metaphysical: ROOT CHAKRA - HEART CHAKRA - EMOTIONAL HEALING - PAST LIFE ISSUES - SOUL PURPOSE - INTUITIVE GUIDANCE.
Metaphysically, RHODONITE:
Helps one to remember the purpose of their current incarnation.
emotionally balancing,
clears activates & stimulates both the heart chakra and root chakra,
aids one in reaching their potential, grounding,
helps clear emotional wounds & abuse of the past; good for healing past life trauma,
helps one remain calm in difficult situations,
activates the pineal gland & brings intuitive guidance.

BoHo Chic Rhodochrosite Rhodonite Gemstone Bracelet, Handmade jewelry