OCEAN JASPER,RIVER PEARL, BLUE TOPAZ SILVER PENDANT, 2.5 LONG x 1 1/8 wide ENTIRELY. STAMPED .925 STERLING SOOTHING oval jasper stone: 1 1/8 x 1 Blue topaz faceted pear / tear drop accent stone plus 2 river pearl accents. LORE---OCEAN ORBICULAR JASPER / ATLANTIS JASPER: said to: be connected to Atlantis, with the patterns symbolizing an interconnnectedness of all. Also carries the properties of quartz supreme nuturer bringing tranquility in times of stress, absorbs negative energies , cleanses the aura, brings courage & determination, stimulates the imagination so you can get clarity to transform your ideas into action.

Big Ocean Jasper, Topaz, Pearl Sterling Silver Pendant

Color: Multi