1.25" wide, Large, rare, detailed religious holy medal featuring St. Stanislae and the Christ child. Back is dated 1905-1930. Large size is perfect for a man or woman. 1.25 wide and 1.50 long entirely. He was born at Rostkowo, Przasnysz County, Poland, on 28 October 1550, and died at Rome during the night of 14–15 August 1568. Religious jewelry, Spiritual gifts, Catholic Gifts, Vintage Catholic, Religious gifts, collectible religious medals, Religious collectibles, rare saints, vintage holy medals, spiritual jewelry, Catholic medals, saint medals, patron saints, gifts of faith, rare medals, Christian religion, Christian jewelry, Christmas gifts, unique gifts, Christian gifts, men's religious gifts, men's medal, large medal, catholic gifts for a man

Vintage Holy Medal Large RARE 1930 Art Medal Saint Stanislaus Jesus

  • Silver