The perfect shade of pinks,  pink mangano calcite. The egg shaped palm stone weighs 133 grams and measures approx. 2.50 x 1.75 inches. #PINK88CAL-bx4. Metaphysically, PINK MANGANO CALCITE: is known as the Reiki stone; aids in angelic contact; aids in releasing grief &/or fear from ones past; brings unconditional love, increases feelings of self worth; prevent nightmares. Heart chakra stone. ALL CALCITE: A spiritual stone, gives one serentiy, amplifies & cleans energy, makes one feel more energized, Self trust, Aids in overcoming difficulty, helps ideas come into fruition, Brings hope when all seems lost, Speeds spiritual development, makes one more aware of their natural psychic abilities, facilitates channeling and astral travel.   

Angelic Realm 2.5" Pink Mangano calcite Sphere Egg, Reiki Stone, Spirit Guides