Angel Aura / Opal Aura abundance quartz cluster, 1.5" x 1.75" and 38 grams. Angel Aura It is made by bonding platinum and silver to natural clear quartz which causes a permanent pastel iridescent luster in gentle shades of pink, lavender, gold, green and blue. Angel Aura Quartz is also known as Opal Aura and Pearl Aura and is best used at the crown chakra. The spiritual properties of Angel aura include: aiding one in communication with the Angelic and Spiritual realms including spirit guides and Teachers. Superior crystal to cleanse the aura. Dramatically enhances spiritual meditation experiences. Platinum: Opens ones psychic channels, awareness and intuitiveness. Silver: Attracts and holds the properties of the crystal or gemstone it is encasing, transits those energies and also removes negative energies from the body or area where it is placed. It also strengthens the astral and physical body connection via the "silver cord".


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Angel Aura Quartz cluster, Spiritual Abundance, Spiritual Realm Communication