This is a beautifully hand-carved and unusual Chinese Pixiu Statue in White Jade. There is a smaller PiXiu on its back, holding on to its horn. This outstanding mythical creature is said to bring good luck, guard your wealth, ward off all negativity and bring prosperity to its owner. It should be placed no higher than eye level and not too low either. It should never be placed looking directly at you or facing a mirror or computer screen. Never place in the bedroom or bathroom. It is my understanding that It is best placed either facing a window looking outdoors or facing your front door to invite abundance in. You should not stuff anything in its mouth as that is where it catches Divine heavenly wealth.

Metaphysically, WHITE JADE is believed to have Divine light inside the stone; It has powerful healing energies of purification; It brings peace and calm; It increases good luck and strengthens friendships; It is believed to be excellent for self healing and soul cleansing.

8" long, 6" tall, 4.32 Pounds.  

(Pi Yao, phoenix, dragon sculpture, Asian, collectibles, Chimera, good fortune, amulet, good luck statue, housewarming gift, Crystal healing)

8" Large White Jade Prosperity Sculpture PiXiu Feng Shui Statue Heavenly Wealth

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