Super Estate Piece! Spectacular Old handcarved bowl / brush washer. Made from a solid piece of deep pink rose quartz. This decorative piece features lovely handcarved details. There is a small rough spot on the top fin. This is a HEAVY PIECE

WEIGHT: 2.72 pounds

Size: 8.25" x 6" wide and 2.25" thick


*Goldfish Symbolism: In Japan and China, the goldfish is a symbol of wealth and good fortune and luck. The art of Feng Shui views the goldfish as a symbol of surplus and abundance. Metaphysically...Rose Quartz is said to be:*the stone of unconditional love.*the finest emotional healer*a strong love attractor *comforting during grief after loss of a relationship*a teacher of self love, self forgiveness,, self acceptance... Also: it draws off negative energy, reduces tension &stress, enhances positive visualizations & affirmations when held

8.25" Large Handcarved Goldfish Vintage Rose Quartz Bowl - Good Fortune, Luck

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