Gigantic, Extra Large clear quartz crystal with 2 Isis faces - one is has a big window underneath/side. It is also loaded with mirrors and rainbows and a recordkeeper mark that has tiny rainbows in the sunlight. Metaphysically, this crystal will raise your vibration. Once you begin working with this crystal, your psychic channels will open to your guides and other benevolent spirits, including deceased loved ones, wanting to help guide you along your path. 
The crystal has a cut base and stands. There is a chip at the point which seems to unleash stronger energies than I would normally expect.

WEIGHT: 6.4 pounds

SIZE: 8.5" tall, 4" x 3.2" wide

(quartz tower, energy generator, record keeper, rainbow quartz, isis face crystal, gigantic quartz point, energy transmitter, rare quartz crystal)

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6.4LB Extra Large Clear Quartz Tower, Huge Standing Point, Rainbows, Isis face