Titanium Aura Lava Stone crystal skull. Activated for calming life transitions; to use during meditation / journaling / automatic writing; for spiritual guidance and opening of psychic abilities and to keep one strongly grounded and protected; will clear negative energies from the environment and personal energy field; cleanses the chakra system and infuses one with calming, happy energy.
Lava Stone, AKA Basalt, comes from ancient volcanoes and is a stone of Fertility. Metaphysically, it brings one through life transitions with strength, courage and positivity. It cleanses negativity in the home and one's energy field. It has extremely powerful Earth energies and therefore is an extremely powerful grounding stone; anchoring the root chakra allowing for the feeling of safety and security
Combined with titanium aura/ flame aura/ rainbow aura it brings spiritual guidance, the opening of psychic abilities / clairvoyance & channeling; it cleanses and opens all the chakras bringing one into harmony.

SIZE: 5" long, 4" tall
WEIGHT: 2.4 pounds

5" Activated Rainbow Titanium Aura Crystal Skull, Lava Stone Gemstone Skull