Beautiful handcarved Mahogany Obsidian Skull Sculpture. Pictures taken inside, in full sun and in shade. SIZE: 5.1 inch long, 2.6 pounds
SPIRITUAL PROPERTIES: MAHOGANY OBSIDIAN:said to help us see our negative repeating patterns and situations that no longer serve us or are unhealthy. Excellent to help one FEEL energy.
This stone has a gentle, but fast acting, energy that is said to ground and protect its owner. A Root Chakra stone - very grounding, Protection during Psychic Work and astral travel, facilitates clairaudience, increases ones ability to feel energy, helps to ease loneliness and eases tension. Helps one make good decisions during challenging times. Brings courage, strength and confidence.

5.1" Large Mahogany Obsidian Activated Skull Crystal Healing - Feel Energy