handcarved and polished Selenite bowl can be used to charge and clear small tumbled stones and jewelry, and amplify written intentions. Each is hand-carved in Morocco so no 2 are exactly alike. Each is approx 3.9-4.1 inches wide overall. The listing is for 1 (ONE) bowl. The outside is polished to a nice shine. Selenite not only never needs clearing, it fully cleanses and recharges other stones. Additionally, selenite is a master amplifier of other stones and your intentions (so be aware of your thoughts when working with this amazing mineral). Additional Spiritual properties: A powerful aid in spirit and Angel communication and access to past life memories and lessons.-Clears and balances all the chakras-Placing a piece of selenite in a room will clear all negative energies and bring peace and harmony into the space. (altar offering bowl, devotional bowl, charging bowl, manifesting bowl, intentions bowl, energy cleansing, crystal bowl, gemstone bowl, spellwork, magick, reiki, energy healing, meditation, spiritual gifts, metaphysical gifts)



*Please note: unpolished Selenite splinters and you should never get Selenite wet. Never use selenite for elixirs. Selenite is a very delicate mineral so handle with care.



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4" Selenite bowl, Charging Bowl Cleansing Energy Clearing gemstone bowl

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