Nice ultra-clear citrine standing point with white and sparkling silvery phantoms. This vintage polished crystal retains its original shape, is highly charged, has been awakened, and is loaded with abundance energy. Metaphysically, CITRINE is a powerful cleanser & regenerator; it absorbs & transmutes negative energies; opens one to intuition by opening the crown chakra; A stone of abundance, it teaches one how to manifest wealth, success and all that is good; brings joy. Citrine cleanses & strengthens channels for manifesting; purifies ones will, allowing them to align with their own divine plan. (citrine tower, citrine generator, energy transmitter, energy generator, business success, wealth crystals, prosperity crystals, abundance crystals, positive energy crystals)

WEIGHT: 260 grams

SIZE: 4" tall

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4" Large Standing Water Clear Citrine Point Abundance Energy, Prosperity Success