Here we have a beautiful loving Activated Angel Aura Quartz crystal skull with rainbows.
Metaphysically, Her energies are pure, loving and all encompassing. She will hold you in Divine light and bathe your aura, body and environment in a soft yet very High Vibration healing energy. She will show you your life lessons and guide you to the other side to communicate with your angels and guides.

Angel aura is made by bonding silver and platinum to clear quartz. The coloring is very subtle and tranquil shades of pink, blue, green, gold, light purple.

Most Pictures taken outdoors , 1 collage taken indoors in natural light.

Metaphysically, The spiritual properties of Angel aura include:
aiding one in communication with the Angelic and Spiritual realms including spirit guides and master teachers.
Superior crystal to cleanse the aura.
Dramatically enhances spiritual meditation experiences. It will facilitate remembering lessons learned from past incarnations and attuning to one’s spiritual purpose.
~Platinum:Opens ones psychic channels, awareness and intuitiveness.
~Silver:Attracts and holds the properties of the crystal or gemstone it is encasing, transits those energies and also removes negative energies from the body or area where it is placed. It also strengthens the astral and physical body connection via the "silver cord"

SIZE: approx 4.50" long x 3.5." tall
Weight: 2 pounds

FULLY ACTIVATED **This skull has been charged, Reiki cleansed & blessed and activated and has powerful manifesting energies***.
I have 100's of activated skulls - they have been charged in sunlight and moonlight, activated by tuning forks and my master quartz skulls... Activated skulls have much stronger energies. They will come to you ready for YOUR work
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4.5" Large Angel Aura Quartz Skull Crystal Sculpture Angelic Realm Spirit Guide

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