Daniel is an ACTIVATED Master multi-gemstone Skull measuring 5.1 inches front to back. He is Dark green bloodstone with deep red speckles of blood, Translucent white quartz with some Citrine and a spot of mossy agate on the back of his head. He is of the best quality stone.
Metaphysically, Daniel is very protective. He will guide you in life choices and shower you in prosperity energy. He is all about New Beginnings filled with an abundance of blessings. He carries the energies of both Heaven and Earth allowing those who work with him diligently a rapid path to their highest good filled with all kinds of abundance.
Size: approx 5.1" long
Weight: 2.9 pounds
PLEASE VIEW all PICTURES using the zoom feature. Dark bloodstone is very hard to photograph because of how reflective it is when highly polished.

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*Metaphysically speaking, crystal skulls can be programmed to support the healing of oneself or others and to manifest answers to life's issues and open psychic channels, showing us our life path. Skulls intensify and amplify ones personal power and intentions while providing the guidance needed to attain ones goals and desired outcomes. CRYSTAL SKULLS are a tool for divination; accessing divine knowledge; self-awareness; soul healing; prophetic visions.
*METAPHYSICAL Uses: An amazing crystal healing stone addition for meditation, reiki, spiritual work, manifestation work, magick, crystal grids, devotional offerings, altar work and more. ONENESS w/ THE DIVINE - PURIFICATION - PEACE - LIFE TRANSITIONS - NEW BEGINNINGS - PROTECTION - PROSPERITY - SAFETY - SECURITY ... BUSINESS SUCCESS ...

Metaphysical properties of
BLOODSTONE: said to have mystical & magical properties, a powerful protector & grounding stone, reduce stress and impatience, revitalize love, bring prosperity,
helps insomnia. Believed to help those going through lawsuits / legal issues, aiding in a positive outcome.
MOSS AGATE IS known as the a stone of NEW BEGINNINGS - Moss Agate is a wealth stone that is said to attract abundance, it refreshes ones soul, is strongly connected with nature, aids in intuition. stability, grounding, endurance, persistence, magnification of intent, achievement. Brings clarity of mind; Brings clear perception & understanding
QUARTZ - a powerful & healing stone and amplifier, it will attune its energies to the specific energy needs of the intention or of the user. It raises energy to the highest possible level of a person, an intention or another stone.
It enhances psychic abilities, aids one in finding & living their spiritual purpose.
*DISCLAIMER - PLEASE READ: Alternative healing is meant to be used in harmony with professional medical treatment. ALWAYS consult a licensed medical doctor / physician regarding ALL health issues, or a licensed attorney / professional for legal issues, or an appropriate licensed professional for any other issues. * Our products are tools for Lightworkers, Crystal healers, Reiki practitioners and those on their Metaphysical &/or spiritual path . By purchasing this product you are stating you understand that : I/We/ This shop does not, in any way, imply OR guarantee any outcomes.

3Lb LARGE Bloodstone SKULL Activated Master Quartz Skull Heaven and Earth Energy

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