Crystals & Minerals: Rose quartz bowl is 2 inches in diameter. All natural and hand-carved. (altar offering bowl, devotional bowl, charging bowl, manifesting bowl, intentions bowl, energy cleansing, crystal bowl, gemstone bowl, spellwork, magick, reiki, energy healing, meditation, spiritual gifts, metaphysical gifts)#SHOP-PBX-6

Metaphysically, ROSE QUARTZ : inner peace, unconditional love, associated with the heart chakra, self love, deep inner healing, attracts love, placed next to ones bed at night it is said to draw love to you. Touching the stone several times per day can act as a positive affirmation to attract love. Spiritual Properties: Rose Quartz is said to be: *the stone of unconditional love. *the finest emotional healer *a strong love attractor *comforting during grief after loss of a relationship *a teacher of self love, self forgiveness,, self acceptance Also: draws off negative energy, reduces tension & stress, enhances positive visualizations & affirmations when held.

2" Pink Rose Quartz Gemstone Bowl - Heart Chara, Attract Love Into your Life

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