Activated Lemurian Blue Calcite crystal skull sculpture. Spiritually, Lemurian Calcite resonates with the consciousness of ancient Lemuria. Activated metaphysically to replenish the soul; help one remember past lives; facilitate lucid dreaming; enable one to read their Akashic records; open one to the Spiritual realm and Angelic beings. The frequency of this stone connects to the heart, third eye, crown and soul star chakras. It facilitates a deep level of meditation virtually putting one in a dream state. It has a very soothing and calming energy.
Metaphysically speaking, *A strong ascension crystal; Heals Karma from both past lives and current life.*Carries the actual feelings, awareness and abilities of the Ancient Lemurians.*Helps to develop strong intuition and connects you to your Spirit Guides & Angels; enhances Telepathy*Strongly connects with higher spiritual realms.*Calms fears, anxiety and worries about your future; giving you the peaceful assurance all will be just fine*Assists with lucid dreaming and recalling dreams.*It instantly connects to the upper chakras and the Trans-personal Chakras.
SIZE: approx. 5 inches 
WEIGHT: 2.9 pounds

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2.9Lb Large Blue Lemurian Calcite Skull Read the Akashic Records, Clear Karma