Handcrafted Zebra Agate and Blue Chalcedony Sterling silver Pendant. Handcrafted, vintage, 2.5" long entirely, 20 grams. Metaphysically, AGATE is said to stabilize the aura, transmute negative energy into positive energy, has a powerful cleansing effect on the physical & emotional levels. Balances the emotional physical & intellect. Soothes & calms, self acceptance, self confidence, improves concentration & perception, heals inner anger, links one to their higher consciousness & awareness of the oneness of life, spiritual growth, inner stability.

Chalcedony: said to be a creative stone, makes one optimistic, promotes good will, harmonizes the mind body emotions & spirit, dissipates negativity & negative emotions

2.5" Sterling Silver Agate & Blue Chalcedony Pendant, Positive Energy Jewelry