Handcrafted jewelry, Black Tourmaline and Pyrite sterling silver pendant,  amethyst accent, 2.5" long entirely, 11 grams. Metaphysically, PYRITE is A stone of personal power, manifestation of dreams and goals, luck and an attractor of wealth with a strong connection to the earth, pyrite draws grounding protective energies through the body and aura of the user. It mends auric tears and heals energy leaks;Deflects negativity; Excellent for divination; Magic;Placed in a room it will increase positive energy and vitality;Shields one from environmental pollution. *Black tourmaline: This is a lucky and Powerful stone.Protects one's aura and brings energy into the root chakra raising kundalini;Deflects all negative energy, including psychic attack.Very Grounding, it increases physical vitality.Additionally, tourmaline transforms heavy energies into higher & lighter energies, excellent for protection, BLACK TOURMALINE protects against all negativity & ill-wishes, increases stamina, clears negative thoughts & encourages a positive outlook.

Vintage Item, has not been cleaned.

2.5" Black Tourmaline and Pyrite sterling pendant, Personal Power, Luck Jewelry