One of a kind, Large statement pendant. Handcrafted Fluorite Skull Pendant. He wears a sparkling glass rhinestone Silver plated crown. The skull is beautifully carved and has shades of Tranquil Blue, Green and a hint of purple and some rainbows. *He has some unpolished rough spots*. Add a chain for an amazing pendulum. Metaphysically, FLUORITE is Excellent for cleansing the Aura -
GREEN: healing on all levels. Green is the color of growth and healing. aids personal growth in life. It is very calming, but also gives one courage to expand our ideas and awareness.
PURPLE: Aids meditation, increases psychic development, spiritual peace, helps us commit to our spiritual path. BLUE: Greatly enhances spirit communication and intuition advancing one's spiritual enlightenment; amplifies healing work; brings one to a place of deep peace.

PENDANT SIZE: 2.25" Long, 41 grams


2.25" Large Crowned Fluorite Skull Pendant Handmade Jewelry, Day of the Dead