Beautiful vintage pendant featuring 8 oval stones surrounding a larger center stone. All gemstones are natural Black star diopside, aka, "Star of India".

Metaphysically, Black Star Diopside: ~This is an exceptional stone for meditation, shamanic journeying and psychic channeling work. It helps one go into a very deep meditation, calming the mind, allowing for your guides to come through ~It vibrates strongly with the root and Earth chakras making is an excellent grounding stone. ~It helps to clear current and past life trauma and is highly protective. ~It purifies ones mind of negative thoughts ; bring strong focus. ~It is believed to guide its owner to true happiness. ~It re-energizes ones mind, body & soul. It is also known as the Crying Stone because it helps one cleanse their emotions.

The pendant is 1.25" wide and 1.75" long including the bail

Sterling Silver Black Star Diopside Gemstone Pendant - Crystal Grid Jewelry

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