Amazing long sexy Dangle pendant! Genuine Czech rep. Moldavite and sparkling violet Iolite gemstones. This is a VINTAGE and truly spectacular piece! 3 1/2 inches long! *THIS IS A VINTAGE PIECE AND HAS NOT BEEN CLEANED, there is some tarnish.

Metaphysically, MOLDAVITE: *It is believed that Wearing Moldavite rejuvenates the body, closes any holes in the aura and removes negativity. *It opens the root chakra as moldavite has a very similar energy to the root chakra *It helps establish a connection to higher realms, higher powers, other worlds IOLITE: *opens & activates the 3rd eye, *a stone of vision, *enhances connection to inner wisdom, *energizes the aura

Long Sterling Czech Moldavite and Iolite Gemstone Pendant Silver Jewelry

  • moldavite, iolite, sterling silver

  • Olive green, silver, violet