Large chunky .925 silver multi gemstone bracelet featuring Lavender-Pink AMETHYST, PERIDOT, BLUE TOPAZ stones in various cuts. 7 1/2 inch; - 9 inch long; 1 3/4 inch wide at center 1 inch wide at band of amethyst. **This is a very chunky large piece and will fit larger wrist sizes***

Metaphysically speaking, PERIDOT: A Prosperity stone, A stone of good Luck and fortune; Said to rid one of financial problems. Excellent for general healing; Cleansing physical and emotional toxins such as jealousy; Helps you be honest with yourself, promoting growth, change and awareness Protection from the Evil Eye; Protection from the negative emotions and thoughts of others; Helps one take a balanced approach to decision making; Brings one into joy - alleviates melancholy; Helps one open to unique ideas and to take responsibility for their life.

AMETHYST: A very high spiritual vibration stone, enhances higher levels of meditation for spiritual awareness, promotes love of the divine and is one of the most spiritual stones, opens intuition & stimulates psychic abilities and healing on all levels.

QUARTZ is said to be a powerful & healing stone and energy amplifier, it will attune its energies to the specific energy needs of the intention or of the user .It raises energy to the highest possible level of a person, an intention or another stone.It enhances psychic abilities, aids one in finding & living their spiritual purpose

BLUE TOPAZ: is A stone of peace and tranquility; Magnifies psychic abilities; Helps one Communicate better; Helps with writers block.

Wide Large Sterling Silver Gemstone Bracelet Peridot Blue Topaz Pink Amethyst

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