Vintage 14k gold red ruby and diamond band ring. The band is 3/8 inch wide. 4 rubies are approx 5x3mm each and are surrounded by sparkling diamonds. Size 9, 6 grams. A gorgeous vintage designer Estate piece.

Metaphysically speaking, RUBIES ARE CONSIDERED ONE OF THE MOST POWERFUL STONES IN THE UNIVERSE, raising life force energy, bringing one deep peace and soothing contentment. RUBY encourages passion for life in a positive way, increases energy, motivates, encourages one to follow their right livelihood, brings enthusiasm, protects against psychic attack, aids in having positive dreams, clear visualizations, a stone of abundance, aids in keeping wealth that has been acquired, heightens awareness & concentration, removes anything negative from your path, stimulates the pineal gland, brings a positive outlook, strengthens one during stress or disputes

Sparkling Vintage 14k Diamond Ruby Band Ring Size 9

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