A Stunning vintage Estate piece. Vintage 14k Gold Mozambique Garnet and rhodolite Garnet Gemstone Ring, Large, Size 9 Gorgeous red garnet ring featuring a 12x10mm oval center stone and 6 sets of rhodolite garnet flowers around the center. The center sits 1/4 inch high off the finger, the top is 1/2 inch wide. Size 9. Spiritual properties: GARNET : Courage / personal power, fortitude, aids in finding & walking ones true path in life, activates one's ability to connect to Angels & guides & feel divine love. Aligns body emotions & spirit for one's highest good. A powerful energizer, bringing serenity or passion as appropriate for the situation, stimulates kundalini /life force energy

Vintage 14k Mozambique & Rhodolite Garnet Gemstone Ring Size 9 - Etruscan Style

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