This is an OLD, RAW, natural, Empathic lemon quartz crystal with RAINBOWS and lemurian energies! VERY RARE.

SIZE: approx. 5.75" x 3"

COLOR: Lemon yellow

WEIGHT: 1.1 pounds


*The piece is all natural / raw (dings,chips etc) - as found - and has not been polished or altered in any way. This does not stand.

Metaphysically, Lemon Quartz is a very high vibration stone of focus, clarity and happiness. It cleanses energy. It attracts a flow of abundance, good luck and success. It will amplify ones thoughts/intentions and transmit the energy out into the Universe making it fabulous for manifesting. An excellent stone for filtering out 'mind chatter' during meditation.

Rare 5.75" Clear Lemon Quartz Cluster Point - Abundance, Luck, Success Crystal

  • Lemon Quartz, Empathic Crystal